A Branding Project for a New Media Outlet

Grandin Media is the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton's new digital platform for timely articles and opinion pieces on politics, education, faith, culture, and current events. I worked with Grandin Media to develop a flexible logo system based on the concept that Grandin acts as a Catholic frame for today's news. We extended that branding into a news website.

CMS Platform: WordPress

Marketing: Primal Tribe

Development: Infinity Reef

Site Link: Grandinmedia.ca


The G-Speech Bubble as a Frame

The ā€œGā€ speech bubble is a framework through which a variety of different stories can be seen. Just as Grandin Media is sharing its stories from a Catholic lens, the logo system is also reflecting this concept of a framed message through which we can learn about the larger story. This type of system is designed to be clean and simple so it can emphasis photography and imagery. The flexibility of this system allows for a variety of stories to be seen in endless permutations while still maintaining a familiar system to continue the branding.

Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 1.jpg


A key feature of Grandin Media is its emphasis on digital communication to reach a more millennial audience. To emphasis this, we went with a very digital and energetic palette that felt current and fit in with popular social media avenues. Six main colours are used to identify the 6 categories of stories. A secondary palette was created to complement the primary palette and expand the design possibilities in potential collateral.



We developed a WordPress news site that included categorized content, sharing features, a commenting platform, ad space, subscription, and linked to the Catholic Archdiocese's main sites and social media.