Explore a World of Sound at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Folkways Collection is home to a wide range of sounds—from the hits of Woody Guthrie, to obscure educational recordings of North American amphibians. However, younger audiences in particular are unaware that this amazing sound resource exists.

For this project, I focused on creating a poster that acted as a fun opportunity to showcase a small sample of the diverse collection. Aimed at younger audiences that are unfamiliar with the label, it avoids simply classifying the catalog by genre and instead organizes music in a manner inspired by popular music streaming sites like Songza or Spotify. In addition, it uses conversational language to playfully lead the viewer to unique albums. The poster can be included with a sampler album (as shown below), or can be handed out at Folkways events by itself as promotional material. Click on the poster to zoom in and try it for yourself, or learn more about the Smithsonian Folkways Collection by clicking here.