Outburst Auction

Every year, the art and design students at the University of Alberta join together to auction off their artwork and designed goods. The money raised goes towards paying for a final exhibition for that year's graduating BFA and BDes classes (the BDes grad show will be March 29–April 9th, 2016, and the BFA grad show will be April 19–30, 2016. Both will be hosted in FAB gallery at the University of Alberta, and are free for anyone to visit).

This year's fundraising auction is called Outburst and will be hosted at 7pm Friday, November 27th, at the Telus Centre on the UAlberta campus. Although I have already graduated, I'm contributing a couple dozen German Star Christmas ornaments. You should stop by and bid on them... Click here to see some of the other work available.

Nuit Blanche!

I hope everyone had fun on Saturday night at the first Edmonton Nuit Blanche festival! It was so great to see so many people out and about enjoying contemporary art by local and international artists. I was glad to be working with the Edmonton Wayfinding Society to help create the signage and hand-held map for the one-night event (truly an interesting challenge). Wherever the night took you, I hope you had a blast!

Today's Inspiration: Art of the Title

In case you couldn't tell from my earlier post of Saul Bass title sequences, I'm a big fan of opening credits in film and television (sometimes I like them better than the actual show...). One of my favourite places to see such great design is Art of the Title. Not only does it showcase great title sequences, but it also features great interviews and articles that talk about the creative process behind the sequence. 

So many good things

So many good things

Art Shows

I'm working on some print pieces for 2015/16 UAlberta Art Shows season using the illustrations I created for the different events. I'm pretty excited! Looks like some really neat shows coming up! Don't miss it.

Making some notes on some test pieces... Always good to make a proof

Today's Inspiration: Bad Romance Covers

*Let me start by clarifying that this post is about "bad" book covers for Romance novels—not musical covers of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". So, yeah. Go somewhere else for the latter.

I don't always use Tumblr, but when I do, I go to WTFBadRomanceCovers—the self-proclaimed home of "Objectified Scotsmen Thursdays". Sometimes it's the scary artwork, sometimes it's the hilarious title, and sometimes it's the blogger's commentary that makes it hilarious, but whatever it is I hereby invite you to check out this blog. There's also a WTFBadFantasyCovers if Romance ain't your genre of choice...

Images courtesy of WTFBadRomanceCovers